Using a legal online platform is an important condition for a successful game. Comfort, winnings, and conditions depend on it. Using unreliable online gambling platforms, you risk losing all your money without a chance to win.

Parimatch is a unique platform that has the best reputation. It is one of the first bookmakers and casinos in the world, which began its work in 1994. During this time, Parimatch has hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world, including India. In our review, we will tell you more about the legal aspect of this platform.

The situation in India with gambling and betting

Gambling in India

The situation in India with gambling activity is very complicated. Unfortunately, now any casinos and bookmakers are banned.

The very first act in this area was the Gambling Act of 1867. It prohibited any visit to a gambling establishment, playing, or doing business. Over time, it turned out that the definition of what is prohibited at the legislative level is very unclear.

Moreover, each state of India has the right to decide for itself how it treats gambling. Therefore, you can easily play in the state of Sikkim or Goa. This gives a chance that in the future the country will legalize sports betting and casinos.

How do Indians place bets?

Despite the fact that any gambling activity is regulated by the state, Indians have found a way to legally use bookmakers or casinos.

So, the legislation of India does not say anything about online platforms. Foreign companies offer their services in the country, which are completely legal and do not obey Indian law. For this reason, users can safely play Parimatch. You will not be charged and you will not break the law.

Parimatch legality

Now that you are convinced that it is possible to use gambling platforms in India, we will move on to the issue of the legality of Parimatch. It should be noted right away that this gambling site is a world bookmaker and casino, which I know in all countries. It is used by more than 3,000,000 people. Below we will tell you about other aspects that prove the legality of Parimatch. 


First of all, any gambling platform must have a license. It permits to provide services in the betting business or casino. As a rule, platforms place this information on the main page of their website so that people can immediately verify the reliability of the platform.

Curacao is one of the most important and reliable safety indicators. You can find on the website that Parimatch has just such a license. It gives the right to offer its services all over the world.


Another point is the protection of data and not the transfer of information to 3 persons. Parimatch guarantees its users confidentiality and secrecy. The platform will not give anyone your data, winnings, and so on.

Fair sportsbook

You can often encounter scammers who are engaged in unfair play. This means that the winning percentage is minimal or there is none at all. Such gambling platforms are very dangerous for the game. The probability that you will simply lose money is very high.

Parimatch has no such problem. As proof, you can read thousands of satisfied comments about the platform. Also, according to the indicators, Parimatch has already paid more than 10 million rupees to its users from India. This suggests that the chance to win is very high.

Pros for Indian players

Cons and pros

Parimatch has many advantages for its users from India. It also says that the platform takes care of its players.

There are certain gambling standards of a high-quality online platform, by which you can also understand the legality of the casino.


First of all, this is the bonus system of the platform. It should include excellent offers for both new players and experienced ones.

A prerequisite is the presence of a welcome bonus. It’s like a business card of any gambling platform. Parimatch has one of the most profitable promotions in India. You will be able to increase your first deposit by 150% to 12,000 rupees. This will allow you to test a Betting match at minimal personal cost.

Payment system

A top gambling platform should have a convenient payment system for its users. Parimatch has payment methods adapted for India. This means that players will not face the problem of depositing or withdrawing funds. Below you will find a table of options for making payment transactions.

Method of payment 


Minimum deposit 

Maximum deposit

Maximum withdrawal


One of the best ways to make a deposit. Among the most popular are Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and so on.

500 INR

  50 000 INR

50 000 INR

Credit and debit cards

Another great option is presented by Visa and MasterCard.

300 INR

375 000 INR

375 000 INR


One of the newest payment systems. It is the best option and supports such coins as Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and so on.

39 INR

No restrictions

No restrictions

Bank transfer

We do not recommend using this option to withdraw funds, as it takes a long time. However, a bank transfer allows you to make transactions safely and in large amounts.

500 INR

200 000 INR

200 000 INR

Customer support

Another indicator of the security of a gambling platform is customer support services. Parimatch perfectly coped with the task of providing high-quality communication between users and the platform. Here you will find several communication options:

  1. Online chat directly on the website. It works around the clock, and you will also receive quick and detailed answers to your questions;
  2. Email. This is the most effective option, which involves a long waiting time. Mail Parimatch:;
  3. Another option is to contact using a phone number. You will be answered by polite managers who will help solve your problems. Call the number: +38068518324. Also, you can use it on Whatsapp;
  4. You can get help by Telegram. Just find the bot @ParimatchINDIA_bot.

Other advantages

Also, for the convenience of Indian players, the platform supports the Indian language, currency, and cricket betting.


There are two main reasons: 1. The platform has a gambling license that allows you to provide services; 2. The use of online betting platforms or casinos is not prohibited in India.
No. Gambling is prohibited in India. However, nothing is said about online foreign platforms like Parimatch. They are legal in the country and their use is not punishable by law.
Any top and legal platform monitor its rating and reputation. For this reason, Parimatch has several advantages for its users from India such as language support and currency. Also, these are unique bonuses, a convenient payment system, and an effective player support service.
The platform has thousands of positive reviews from players from India. Moreover, the total amount of winnings of users from this country exceeds 10 million rupees. This suggests that the probability of winning is very high and Parimatch is a fair platform.
You can do this in 4 ways that are convenient for you: online chat on the website or in the application, phone number, email, and chatbot in Telegram.